Monday, February 27, 2012

Another pocket page...still trying to go with the regal theme she likes.
Just little memo pages...dont know why the pic wont reverse. 

Pocket page to put in whatever she chooses. 

A page with a pocket and just a 'whatever she wants' page. She didnt want every page inked. 

A page for her fav. books...many black ribboned paper clips will be added throughout the book. 

A page where she can journal on her fav. styles and put them in the little shopping bag and around the page. The paper clip is a small purse to clip pics of styles she likes. 

More of the inside...a page for her to clip writings of her fav games. A black paperbag that flips up to hold thin gs that lays on top of the page she can write words that matter to her.
Just an inside page, partially distressed with alittle envelope for her to put something in.
The inside back cover, also distressed. No pockets were added not to hide the image.
The inside cover which was also distressed on the edges and the first page which is a pocket that will hold tags.
Back cover she selected. This will be kept simple because this is the part of course that you lean on. 

An 'All About Me' Journal in progress for a friend. This is the front cover, not finished yet. Bling will be added to his crown and stickles in silver will be added to his scarf and then a pretty black lacey ribbon along the side with some charms hanging from it attached to a ball chain. A sparkle mist was added but you cant see it in this pic. Cant wait to do the cover.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

The back of the paint stick....just added tiny pockets with words tucked in them.
Altered paint stick with all 'words'. The words are stickers I distressed. The charms say 'significant moments'. I distressed 2 roses and added rafia bows. The background paper is Tim Holtz. I made a quick freshwater pearl stick pin and stained the edges of the stick with walnut stain.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back cover...same as front just in black and white. 

Inside cover and first page. The lace on back cover holds 2 tags. The little girl is a pocket which holds tags. Black tags are sprayed with a shimmer sparkle spray.
Decorated cover of Junque Journal. Brass and crystal charms added....Pocket holds 2 tags....Key say's 'Love'. I may add some tan flat back pearls up in left corner but not sure how the ribbons that have to go inside to hold binding will fall.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The start of my new Junque Journal. My first one has met the garbage, didnt like it but I have to say since I'm new to this it was good practice. I'm not sure if Im going to put my junk in here, I think I may put quotes, poems, etc. anything that I like, so I'm going to call it 'The Book', a place where anything interesting I find will go. Now? this is just the image on the cover. I found this image and loved it. I still have to decorate the cover and work on the inside...Where is this book going?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A tag I made from a saved image I had on my computer.
Just a little tag book I'm working on and adding to.
My first Smash Book Im working on. Not sure what it's going to be when it grows up. Theres about 100 pages so this is going to take awhile to complete. I'm probably going to dry brush the birdcage in a light tan.
A page from inside of the mini. I kept it simple, just distressed images of butterflies throughout. I may add some tan flat back pearls.
Holds 10 large journaling tags and 10 mini tags

My first Paper bag Mini

First try at a paper bag mini
Madonna Tag
Madonna Tag 1