Sunday, March 4, 2012

Shabby Chic Journal/Scrapbook

Shabby Chic Journal/Scrapbook. 2 Tags in front pocket and tiny envelope. The top flowers look peach in the pic but they're actually mauve and pale pink to match the other flowers on the image (strange how pics can distort colors). Flowers are spritzed with sparkle mist. Sparkle spritzing on book as well . No paper collection here just an image I loved from my Shabby chic saved pics. The back and inside covers are of the same image. I distressed the pages because I love the old book look but more distressing needs to be done. I think I may use this as a shabby chic decorating idea scrapbook.     


  1. Your work is breathtaking. "sigh"

    I have a similar back story Debbie. Check out my blog and follow if will. I followed you twice.. sheesh such a thing!